Splendid Palace Boutique


Hello, from Splendid Palas Büyükada! A magnificent structure from 1908 with silvery domes and red shutters that overlooks the Sea of Marmara on one side and Istanbul on the other. Splendid Palace Boutique is created for our guests to take some of the spirit & part of the magic universe of Splendid Palace Büyükada.

We tried to combine Splendid's timeless elegance and style with carefully selected entrepreneurial brands of our country and aimed to create a contemporary design and a lifestyle collection that appeals to today’s world.

By modernizing the aesthetics of a past time; joining our forces with local creative designers we offer limited edition

“Splendid & Island” inspired pieces that carry both their world view and the nostalgic feeling of our surrounding. This big spirited collection is carefully placed into the tiny telephone booth, that was used when the world was a different place to make private calls through the only phone in the hotel.

What a pleasure to be able to offer you a piece of Splendid's magic!